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A Damaged Wood Floor Usually Can be Repaired

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Hardwood Floor Repair
When a wooden floor is damaged by water, pet stains, termites or other causes usually it can be repaired, saving you money.

Wooden floors often get damaged by water, pet stains, termites, accidents, or even just by the passage of time and sustained use in certain areas. To repair a hardwood floor means to change only the part that is damaged, resulting in considerably savings compared to installing a new floor.

We assess the damage and advice you with a viable solution taking in consideration the nature and extent of the damage, the type of wood of your floor, original stain and varnish, and the overall condition of the floor as well as the underfloor. If it is possible to repair, we will blend the repaired parts as much as possible with the rest of your floor. By adding a coating or finishing, the floor will be restored while saving you money.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of a wood floor repair is to match the new floor portions to the existing floor as much as possible. We like to say that it is part construction, part craft, and part art - we excel at all of them!


  • Termites
  • Water damage
  • Pets damage
  • Accidents
  • Match with existing floor as much as possible