BRICO Hardwood Floors

A Thorough Wooden Floor Restoration when Repair is Not Needed

Servicing Los Angeles, California
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Hardwood floor refinishing with Natural Oak for a home in Los Angeles.
Natural White OAk hardwood floor refinishing in Redondo Beach.
Red Oak hardwood floor refinishing provides an almost new look for a house in Orange County

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
A thorough and in-depth wood floor restoration when repair is not needed, usually resulting in virtually like-new floors.

If no repair is needed refinish is the best alternative for a true wood floor restoration at a very reasonable price.

Depending on the size of the floors, refinishing can be done in short time from beginning to finished. Except for installing a new floor, it is the best option to restore a hardwood floor that has lost its shininess and smoothness due to normal wear and tear.

We will advise you on the options that you have depending on the type of wood, original stain, and state of the floor. You will be surprised as how effective refinishing a wood floor could be.


  • Clean
  • Three sanding
  • Buffing (with another sanding)
  • Stain
  • Three coats of varnish
  • Thorough wooden floor restoration
  • Cost effective with excellent results