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An Inexpensive and Effective Wood Floor Restoration

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Hardwood Floor Re-coating
An inexpensive and effective restoration of wood floors that are not seriously damaged.

Depending on how damaged a wooden floor is, recoating is an excellent alternative to restore the floor that is fast to perform and inexpensive, resulting in a much better looking floor.

Different woods and original varnish, or color, will determine the options available and the end result. If the state of the wood floor allows it, our expansive experience will ensure big improvements in hardwood floors by recoating.

If you are not sure what solution your floor needs, we will discuss together the best options for your floors and evaluate the feasibility of recoating. We will give you an estimate, as well as the varnish options available, and a time-line that is surprisingly short.

If you decide to recoat your floor, you will be surprised by how cost effective it is to restore a hardwood floor.

  • Clean
  • Light sanding
  • Varnish (light coat)
  • Varnish choices base on floor
  • Restores floor if not seriously damaged